Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drywall, Electricity and Doors, My Oh My!

We're making serious progress now. We have started the LEED certification process. It is looking like gold status is within our reach, depending on some of the final choices that are made.

Drywall is in and finished. Priming and point-up is almost done. Electricity has been connected to the house. It's very exciting to see the house lit up to get an idea of how it will feel to live in it.

This is a wide angle view of the basement. From the left: Door going out the areaway, the short blue wall is actually a used solid wood door that will be finished to look like it is part of the wall. Through the door will be storage, hot water heater, one of the air handlers, and the sump-pump.  Next to the door are the stairs, the black square is the air return, and two 200 amp electrical panels.  If you look closely you can make out an extension cord plugged into the wall, not a temporary pole outside. Fantastic!

These spotlights that are throughout the basement and first floors are meant for a track lighting system. We reworked them to work with the exposed conduit. The lights originally had paint on them and they have been painstakingly sanded down to expose their raw metal.  Not only was it an exercise in obsessive behavior, but it better matches the electrical conduit.

This is the view as you walk through the front door. The unfinished room to the left is the half bath. 

This view is of the ceiling by the front entrance. Some of the steel in the ceiling will remain exposed along with the sprinkler system.

Various views of the first floor.

As you're walking up the stairs the AMS USA stamp on some of the steel beams can be seen. Details, details, details. 

Views of one of the bedrooms on the second floor. All interior doors are fir to match the window jambs. Most of the doors are 8' tall to keep in scale with the ceiling height.

Around the window and door jambs are half inch aluminum reveal trim.  That is the finished look. No other casing is to be applied.

Views of the full bath.

View of the master bedroom.

The FSC certified maple flooring has arrived. It will acclimate in the house for a couple week before it is installed to get the moisture content within a few percentage points of the subfloor.  That will*hopefully* prevent cupping and gapping of the floor.

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Anonymous said...

I've been following the buildup on Greg@lamidesign.com's blog. Are there any photos of the finished house?